History, Sizes, And Prices Of The Hermes Evelyne

Although the Hermes Evelyne may not be as well-known as the Birkin it is still a popular bag. The Evelyne bag is loved for its simplicity and functionality and is a favorite choice for Hermes lovers who are looking for something casual. It’s also a popular choice for those who want an entry-level Hermes bag. This guide will help you learn everything about the Hermes Evelyne bag, whether you have one or not.

Hermes Evelyne History

Evelyne Bertrard, the former head of Hermes’ riding department, and her team created a bag to carry horse grooming equipment. The crossbody bag was simple and messenger-like in design. It had a small belt closure with removable shoulder strap. Bertrard named the bag “Evelyne”. The bag’s most distinctive feature was the “Evelyne” perforated H design on its back. This allowed for the aeration and storage of grooming tools. The Evelyne was supposed to be carried with the “H” facing your body.

The Hermes Evelyne wasn’t intended to be an everyday handbag when it was first released. It was designed for Hermes’ equestrian department, and it has remained there for over a decade. Hermes realized that the Evelyne was worthy of a wider audience only at the dawn of the 21st Century. The style was officially transferred from the equestrian department to the leather goods department in the early 2000s. The Evelyne was finally given the attention it deserved.

The top features of the Hermes Evelyne bag

  • Strap adjustable
  • Exterior pocket
  • Belt closure in leather
  • One main interior compartment.

Three Generations of Evelyne

There have been four versions since the Hermes Evelyne’s release: Evelyne I to II, Evelyne III to Evelyne III, and Evelyne sellier. Roman numerals I, II, and III refer to the generation. The Evelyne is currently in its third generation. Let’s discuss quickly the differences among the three generations.

The Evelyne I, the original Evelyne, did not have an exterior pocket. The second generation Evelyne II had an external pocket. All Evelyne II bags had an external pocket except for the smallest. Evelyne III has both an external pocket and an adjustable canvas strap.

Evelyne Sellier is another option for this bag. This bag was launched in Fall 2016. The Evelyne sellier has a diamond-shape logo instead of the perforated H. External pockets are also absent.

Hermes Evelyne Sizes

The Hermes Evelyne bag is available in four sizes: 16 (TPM), 29(PM), 33 (GM), and 40 (TGM).

The TPM 16, also known as the 16 cm, is the smallest size of the Evelyne bags. It measures 16 cm in length and 18cm in height.

The Hermes Evelyne TPM has enough space to hold an iPhone, smaller wallet, and some other essentials. This bag is ideal for traveling, since it takes up very little space in a suitcase. It’s also large enough to carry travel documents.

There have been rumors for a while about the Evelyne being discontinued. This information is not confirmed. The Evelyne TPM size is still available at Hermes boutiques all over the world as of June 2021. To be completely honest, I doubt Hermes will discontinue the TPM size any time soon. The TPM size is one of the most in-demand bags at the moment. It would be a big mistake for the brand to discontinue it now.

The Evelyne 29 is the next size in the Hermes Evelyne range, also known as Evelyne. The Hermes Evelyne PM measures 29cm in length and 30cm in height. The PM size is beloved by many Hermes Evelyne fans as the perfect everyday crossbody. The bag can hold all your essentials and more, including a make-up bag, snack, and even water bottle.

The 33-cm in length of the Hermes Evelyne 33 or the Evelyne GM is 31 cm. People often struggle to choose between the Evelyne PM or GM because there is only a few cm difference in the sizes. The Evelyne GM is a better option if you don’t mind stuffing your bags. However, I recommend you try both bags. Some people find the Evelyne General Manager too large for their frames, according to my experience. It’s important to test both bags before making a final decision.

The Hermes Evelyne 40 is a bag that will fit all your needs. The bag measures 40cm in length and 44cm in height. This bag is ideal for people who travel often or carry lots of stuff.

Hermes Evelyne Materials & Colors

Clemance is a lightweight, embossed-calfskin-leather leather. Other types of Hermes leathers can also be used to make bags, including Maurice (an alternative to Clemence), and Hunter (a soft and smooth cowhide leather).

It is important to note that the Hermes Evelyne’s interior will always be unfinished, regardless of what type of leather is used. The durable canvas strap has leather accents and is made to match the bag’s colors. The Hermes Evelyne bag is available in many vibrant and neutral colors. The color options for Hermes Evelyne bags are endless, from classic black to bright green to yellow.

The Hermes Evelyne TPM Clemance Leather in Clemance leather retails at $1,800 in the USA and EUR1,330 in Europe as of June 2021. The bag is $200 cheaper in Europe than it was in the United States at the time this blog post was written. You might consider the Hermes EvelyneTM MPP if you are planning to travel to Europe and have your eye on it.

Evelyne PM Clemance leather retails at $3,375 in the United States, and EUR2,490 for Europe as of June 2021. The equivalent of EUR2,490 is approximately $3,000 which could mean that you could save more than $300 by buying the bag overseas. The Evelyne GM Clemance Leather bag will set you back $3,800 in America and EUR2,800 in Europe. While the largest TGM size bag will set you back $4,500 and EUR3,100, respectively, the Evelyne GM Clemance Leather bag will set you back EUR2,800 and EUR2,800 in Europe.

The Hermes Evelyne is an excellent entry-level bag, starting at $1,800. The Evelyne is quite affordable compared to other Hermes styles. The Birkin is an example of this. If you’re lucky enough to find it in a boutique, the cheapest Birkin (B25), will cost you more than $9,000 The Hermes Evelyne bag, however, is much easier to find and significantly less expensive. You can also wear it every day, no matter how busy you are with errands or having lunch with friends. The Evelyne is a great investment!

*Disclaimer – Prices listed in this blog post are for informational purposes only. Actual prices in boutiques may vary.